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Model of Vacuum pressure engine

"Nature is our fuel tank. Vacuum pressure pump is frequently pumped by spring strains on starting an engine. External airs are absorbed above the capacity of combustion chamber. These airs are compressed within the limited space of combustion chamber. Compressed airs are condensed and heated by this reason. Hot airs in combustion chamber are moving out through the fuel pipe and reaching to the engine block, where they are ignited and affect expected propulsion motion in pistons. This way, model of a vacuum pressure engine is ready in use. It can be considered as next generation engine of steam engine, coal engine and CNG gas engine. This is simply an enhanced form of steam engine, attached to a vacuum pressure pump, for its fuel management purpose. Engines require an external force to start. Just like: a generator engine is started manually by pulling its chain or rotating its handle or a motor car engine is self-starting by battery backed electronic motor."
A valuable invention by Dr Rajeev Kumar,, +919654909233; deserving Novel Prize of Physics 2014.
This Nobel Prize is only possible, if the professors at Universities of Austria, Sweden, Norway and Netherland may recommend this theory to the nomination committee at Nobel Foundation. I hope government of India, citizen of India, admirers of this theory and the learned people of the world may raise their voice, favoring admission of this theory at nomination committee of Nobel Foundation.
It is useful scientific invention for the welfare of society. Engines on mix or single technology of solar, wind and mechanical source; will one and only save the earth and the life on earth. Our Vacuum Pressure Engine could be converted in practice by the help of champions of this field; followed by discussed path of implementation, conceptual idea, theory and principle. It may help to secure the future of life on earth by saving limited stock of life-line natural resources like: petroleum, nuclear, mineral, coal, drinking water etc. Life of earth without these energy sources could not be imagined. It may also help to save our ecosystem, from global warming. Solar, wind and mechanical sources are non-stop, reformative and reproductive source of energy. Hence it is infinite. We are inventing alternate resource of energy at deferent planets. And every country is on this race. Whereas, I have already given here a permanent solution of non-stop reformative source of energy for our total needs. I would love to deliver my speech at UNO head quarter near Secretary General of UNO. Scientists, UNO secretary General, Nobel Foundation and concerned department is listening; may kindly response me the best to serve and save the life on earth.

* Research and development team in India should be tasked to find out the solution in direction to run a normal fuel engine without fuel even if a fuel tank gets empty. Engine started and continues till the fuel flow is maintained. It stops working with break in flow of fuel. This fuel is required for combustion in engine.
* One and only purpose of this paragraph is to attract the attention of research departments to work on improved technology engine. This engine is designed to start and run it on a self-managed system. It will heat the natural airs in its own air combustion blocks at sufficient level to generate the flow of hot airs in fuel pipe. That will ignite the engine for its self-starting and maintain combustion to continue running the engine.
* Yes! I know what all are there in the mind of scientists and common man. They may think other engines like oil, gas, coal, hydro, solar, chemical and mechanical engines are working until stock in its fuel tank. Hot air is neither stored nor charged, then how we may imagine of either starting or running the engine.
* True! Nature is our fuel tank. Vacuum pressure pump is frequently pumping by the created strain in spring, while starter switch is pressed. External airs are absorbed above the capacity of combustion chamber. These airs are compressed within the limited space of combustion chamber. Compressed airs are condensed and heated by this reason. Hot airs in combustion chamber are moving out through the fuel pipe and reaching to the engine block, where they are ignited and affect expected propulsion motion in pistons. This way, model of a vacuum pressure engine is ready to use.
* LPG, CNG, LNG, old steam rail engines and other gas engines are in series of the same engine. We may consider this next generation engine by an example of entire existing engine including diesel oil engines imagined to continue running with finished diesel in its diesel tank. When the diesel finished from its tank and there is time the break of diesel flow through the diesel pipes then also there should be a regular blow of air through this diesel pipes. If this air in diesel pipe may be powered to continue the combustion in engine then we may find the utmost solution of fuel savings. It requires a little additional air combustion block with diesel engine to combust the natural air, heat them and throw to the diesel pipe to continue running a diesel engine. An automatic cut-out changer will be fitted to change the connection from diesel to hot air at choice of the operator. Even if an engine may starts at diesel but further obey running successfully at the power of hot air supply in its diesel pipe will save up to 99% consumption of diesel. There are LPG, CNG and other gas engines to be experimented with fitting an automatic cutout changer by added air compressed air combustion block. Remarkably we may agree that petroleum oils and gases are highly inflammable product. Hence it favors the possibility of principle of combustion in engine. But we should also remember coal engines, steam engines and other engines in same categories with maintaining combustion in air chamber to manage ignition for self-start and continue running of an engine. Coal flame air is a hot air and steam air is also a hot air. If these hot airs are standing fit on principle of combustion in air. These engines were our primary inventions in a successful heavy power rail engines. No matter these hot airs are inflammable like petroleum oils and gases. But it favors our required purpose to save our natural resources, save petroleum oil and gas, save air pollution, save money etc. All our thermal, hydro, nuclear, solar, wind etc. power plants; mechanical energy sources like dynamo; chemical energy sources like battery cell are almost all nonflammable but a good sources of energy. We need to mix them for a hybrid, plaintive, powerful and economic source of energy.
* A thermal power plant works at principle of steam pressure on turbine to propel power generator for storage and distribution of energy from the electric transformers. Our next generation technology will be based on a new invented system that is heating natural airs at their air combustion blocks; sufficient in propelling turbine blades by the pressure of regular blowing hot air. Wind power project is one of the best examples in this series.
* There is some engine invented to use diesel oil for starting ignition purpose and later that consume kerosene oil for continue combustion in engine. This second phase consumable kerosene oil may be changed to steam or a warm air flow through fuel pipe.
* As we know an engine is functioning on ignition by self. Since it started, propulsion in pistons continues its service. They need lubricants oil to let the smooth motion of pistons. Ball bearings are smoothly running with a little grease. Similarly the pistons and propellers should be improved and designed for restless propulsion with a little amount of grease instead of lubricant oil. Thou the consumption of lubricant oil are 1% in comparison of fuel oil. And consumption of grease may hardly 10% of that lubricant oil.

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Supaul Bazar is:-
Unique in sense of significant, inspirational, utopia that proves the end of KALYUGA and beginning of SATYA YUGA at this land.

It is believed that there are four Yugas or epics in Hindu mythology.
SATYA GUGA- the period of King Harish Chandra suffered extreme sorrow in life in living with truth.
TRETA YUGA- the period of Purushottam Rama became lord Rama by sacrificing his ancestral throne for 14 years to obey his beloved father King Dashrath. Period of King Rama was Treta Yuga.
DWAPAR YUGA- is period of lord Krishna speech of Srimad Bhagwad Geeta at Popular Mahabharata war of Pandavas and Kauravas.
KALI YUGA- is current period passing with all unexpected bad events with human value on hope of turning back to SATYA YUGA on cycle of FOUR YUGAS/EPICS.

Yes Supaul Bazar is also a witness of similar Yuga that has an honor and history of nurturing a person; purely sacrificed his ancestral properties to his beloved brothers. It is special since the glory of family has reached at top of society and state politics by his only approach. Net wealth of family was multiplied than the shares of uncles. Level of business and turnover had grown up equivalent to a corporate class family in society, just through his expert handling. He has completely sacrificed these all to rest of his brothers by his decision at around 11.30AM on 8th April 1985 and left his only dreamed living place in universe and his motherland Supaul Bazar where he has born and brought up. In Sanskrit there is a sentence "Janani Janma Bhumisch, Swargadapy Garishayasi" Meaning thereby the monther and the birth place is as equal as heaven. The person who loved most to the mother and birth place has been examined in society to be departed from his favourite. It is most special sacrifices than sacrifice by the icon personalities of other era (Yuga) since, all these happen when this great humanitarian person had turned old with the great liability of four unmarried young daughters and three youngest sons among all nine children. There may no other toughest exam in history of universe than this. A self-made honorable person has taken challenge to carry out such liability at such an economic era of Kaliyuga specially with zero in-hand cash at an old age from his own decision. Shame on society! That has not stopped him to leave the village that he nurtured loved untill his last breath. Even if Lord Rama has temporarily left his state then the citizen of state has stopped and joined him at his migration. Almost every class, race and caste of his society was favored by this great personality at the bad days. But no one has sympathy for this great humanitarian person at his bad day.
Proofs of his individual afford of uplifting his family wealth, prestige and glory can is depicted with following examples:
Business Estates, residential royal house, cash reserve and social glamour of his father has grown multiplied than the sum of rest of his three uncles.
Popularity and reputation in society; glory at state politics and image of corporate ship in society was just is individual, which was neither concerned to his father and uncles nor carried onward for a single day after his sacrifice.
All his brothers have suddenly surrendered the running businesses left behind by the great personality. They are turned to luxurious life and starts selling properties to fulfill his personal needs. Finally they are now mouthing to mercy and depended on grace of other in just opposite of maintaining growth rate and family reputation left behind by the great personality.
We must say that the soul of great personality, wherever he may, will always prays for the prosperity, success and peace for his beloved family, brothers, and the birth place Supaul Bazar. Usually the birth place and society nurture the child. But there is example when person nurtures his family business and glory along with the glory and business infrastructure of his birth place. It is now a generation gap and time will pass for generations and generations. But history and the soil of Supaul Bazar will always remain as a witness of the great personality of Kaliyuga. A state highway. That is expected to turn National highway is under construction from his farm lands in Bihar at district Darbhanga, Chadar 1 and Chadar 2, Mauze Kothram, Anchal Gaura Bauram, Khesra Numbers khata numbers 774 and 522 by owners names Haricharan Mahto, Moti Mahto, banarshi Mahto and Nakchedi mahto. Property Jamabandi Number land holding numbers are 897, 898, 899 and 900 of property approx total 80 acres from past. Other properties of the family are in Kasraur mauza, Bangrahta, Afzala Supaul mauza, Adharpur mauza, Malnadih Mauza etc in same anchal.
Small area but the richest soil on earth regarding its purity of nature, geography, greeneries, air, water, mind, health, soul, citizen, culture and civilization that is plaintive in traits of pious, virtue, sympathy, trust, cooperation, hosting, promoting, encouraging etc.
Plaintive of agriculture field, every year re-fertile by the famous flood water of river Koshi; rich in production of cereal crops like rice, wheat, maize, pulse, mustard etc. Vegetables, fruit trees, bamboo, date etc.
Makhana a popular most and only area of origin in world, fresh pond and river fishes, Lotus, Other local tastiest eatable fruits in pure water ponds.
The herbs, grass, green graze yards, wastage of cereal crops are plaintive in quantity for pet animals, cows, buffaloes, horse, goat, elephants, hens etc. These are source of milk, butter, meat, transportation, agriculture cattle, bullock cart, elephant cart etc.
Flavor of tastiest dish of international guest Siberian birds was additional advantage that has been banned by Indian government now.
Arrival of this guest birds Siberian Duffs, Red head Swan etc. at attractive fresh water of river Koshi near the famous temple of lord Shiva with his local name Lord Baba Kusheshwar Nath Mahadev is obviously an international level tourism place and undisclosed heritage temple and city. One of the major humanitarian personalities of this soil Lt Babu Sri Bhanu Mahto had dreamt and tried to attract the attention of ministers to get this temple and river sheltering Siberian birds declared as international tourism place.
It is business center for retail consumers from following villages in over and above 2000 square kilometer area. Including Koshi flooded villages of Saharsha, Kusheshwar, Singhia, Hasanpur, Rusera, Baheri, Bahera, Ashapur, Benipur, Dharaura, Nehra, Sakri, Ghanshyampur, Pali, Madhepur, Bheja, Jamalpur, Ashma, Mahishi, Garaul, Telwa etc. A very busy weekly market on Saturday centered to Haat Gachhi, Supaul Bazar spreaded over the trade turnover across entire Supaul Bazar shopping centers.
- GUEST HOUSE (Dharamsala)
1- Mahanth Sumrit Mahto Suri Dharamsala, Near Pul Ghaat, Supaul Bazar, Biraul, Darbhanga. It was approx 8000 square feet in area. There was regular dispute in family and society to publiclize this guest house. Finally, after a negotiation, approx 4000 square feet area from the back portion is donated for construction of public use guest house in name of Mahanth Sumrit Mahto Suri Dharamsala on name of grand father of Lt Babu Sri Bhanu Mahto.
2- Dharmsala for the personal use of Lt Babu Bhanu Mahto Family and relatives in two floors opposite to his Family house in heart of the City. From the narrow street of Supaul Bazar, It was a place of u turn for Bullock Carts the most popular goods carrier in this society before 1985. There was some parking passage infrount of this Dharamsala, and it had four shops on ground floor for the use of four brothers. There was two stairs at the both corners of this white colored building. Second floor had a big hall of approx 50x30 square feet area. Family marriages, functions and charitable feasts was regularly organized in this hall.
3- Kabir vidya pith, shifted in 1984 at a new specious area near back of the Family house of Lt Babu Bhanu Mahto. It became the new and now the only prefered guest house and function place for near families in society.
Khora Gachhi, Haatiya Gachhi etc.



Humanitarian Personality In India.
Supaul Bazar is a major business center covering entire Koshi area of Darbhanga District. This place is business hub since British time. There were several important business families and their history is associated to this place. One of the Major and highly prestigious business family of this Place was Mahto Family. The most influencive Name from this family was Lt Babu Sri Bhanu Mahto (21st Dec 1936- 16th Jan 2009). FAMILY TREE CAN BE ACCESSED BY OPENING WEBSITE Family business is very old. In 1932-33 this family business was listed among Income Tax accesy Firms, by the British Tax Collector Mr Datta. This firm was also the first listed firm in entire Zone. Firm was dealing in wholesale and retail of Grain, stationery, utensils, makhana, agriculture products, money lending, gold, silver, clothing, Kerosene oil, Lime etc. It was also engaged in production business of butter, Sugar products and chocolates etc. Family was also farming in their 300 Acres farm land. Family head was Lt Mahanth Sumrit Das. His four sons Lt Haricharan Mahto, Lt Moti Mahto, Lt Banarshi Mahto and Lt Mr Nakchedi Mahto. Gradually this firm enters in to its Golden period from sixtieth decade when business has started to be influenced by Lt Babu Sri Bhanu Mahto and his professional expertise. Firm started supply to entire Northern Ganga Region for their order fulfillment in different products. Major business of this family was appeared as Textile Firm M/S Sumrit Mahto Banarshi Mahto. This firm was listed by central government of India in 1968-69 during financial recession in Indira Gandhi Govt. Till then the family was surrounded with political environment. Family Friends and relatives were appreciably performed in legislative election of 1967. Some of the selected MLA of 1967 from this circle group of Sri Bhanu Mahto was Adv Ramashrai Rai, Ex Minister Raj Kumar Mahaseth, Ex Minister Dr Mahavir Prasad, Sri Surendra Prasad etc. Family has also some interesting story related to the politics and business. There was some dispute between Ex Railway Minister Lt. Babu Sri Lalit Narayan Mishra and Lt Babu Sri Bhanu Mahto. Mr Mishra had been dissapointed by court judgment in that matter, and has faced negative impact of their Brahman Community of Mithila. Through out this dispute, there was some turn where Sri Bhanu Babu has made some situation, where the proverb of AANKH BAND, DABBA GAYAB kahabat become popular with the name of Bhanu Babu's Business Expertise. The business link of this family can be imagined, that, once an A level Business Tycoon of that period has came to enjoy the family hosting. The Airport of darbhanga Maharaj was arranged, Guest house (Now used as Girl hostel MRM College, Darbhanga) and Car of Maharaja was arranged. Such needy people, studying and talented students, socially backward persons, victims and all those; who had requested near him, had been promoted and satisfied by him, through his contributions either it may financial or time influence etc. He was very strong heart, sharp mind, genius, self confident and self made personality. Always tried to be creative and spread the message of creativity to people around him and always remains inspiration from his regular productive activities. He had very sound political, administrative, legal, business, social, litrature, philosophical views. We can learn some great ideas from his life history and messages. We have tried to present his messages in our immature wordings at the bottom of paragraphs. Hope our errors and mistakes should be exempted. The govt employee and scholars are encouraged by him for their promotion and he arranged all possible circumstances from his best efforts to get them promoted at their deserving place. Political friends were also directly or indirectly cooperated during emergency including a Governor Mr Dhanik Lal Mandal, Ex Chief Ministers Mr Karpoori Thakur, Mr B P Mandal, Dr Mahavir Prasad, Mohini Jha etc. He had received heartiest respects from wise persons and senior most people of society. Ex Vice Chancellor, LNMU Dr Laxman Nath Jha, Bihar state Freedom Fighter Chairman Lt Sri Sobha Kant Jha, Lt Sri Phul Babu Jha, Lt Sri Atma Ram Prasad, MP Ram Sewak Hazari, MP Ram Bhagat Paswan, Adv Chandra Kishore Jha, Adv Ramashray Rai, MLA Mahindar Jha Azad, Dr Dharam Priya Lal, Trustee Darbhanga Maharaja Sri Naklu Babu, and others. His circle with Administrative Officers include the name of District Magistrate, Samastipur Mr K P Sinha, Finance Director, Bihar Mr Narayan Gope, MLC Mr Ras lal Yadav, First Mayor Darbhanga Mr Ramakant Kunwar, IAS Mr K Armugham, BDO Ram Gahan Ram, Very strict police officer of his time Mr Suresh Trivedi etc. List of his telegraphy and postal letter communications was full of very personal gossips with Ex PM Lt Babu Sri Rajeev Gandhi, Ex AICC President Lt Babu Sri Sitaram Keshri. A famous Sahnai Maestro-player and Nephew of the great Ustad Bharat ratna Lt Bismillah Khan, Freedom Fighter Lt Acharya Binova Bhave and several eminent personalities of India had been visited his royal home and enjoyed his warm hosting. He was founder member of a constituent college JMDPL Womens College, Madhubani. He had founded a very well performing automobile spares firm, which is still running well in society dedicated to his memorable services. He had his desire to get his birth place popular at the world map. Therefore he tried from his incomplete attempt to get the Kusheshwar Asthan listed among the world tourism place due to the advantage of Shelter to Siberian Crane Birds. It is truly qualifying on required standard for declaring International Heritage place for Siberian Birds Migration Sanctuary. Ministry of Environment and Forest, Govt of India has allready declared it eco sensitive zone in 1972. WWF of UNO is still unfamilier to the importance of this anonymous place on world map. Otherwise it is a perfect world heritage place for bird sanctuary. We are thanksful to kind people and the society for their regular and great cooperations towards Lt Sri Bhanu Mahto and his family. We wish good luck to the people and admirers of Lt Sri Bhanu Mahto, who are voluntarily carrying the inspirations of their favourite humanitarian personality of this soil. And prove his glory and the history of this land brighten among the world personalities.

Some messages of Lt Babu Sri Bhanu Mahto to the society dedicated through following poetries in roman script but Hindi Words. All that are compilation from his life journey. Hope his descendents may learn and try to adopt the positive informations from them:-

One of the message of life:---
Maangoo Rinn (DEBT)

Rinn hi taran harth hai. Rin hi bhagya vidhata hai. Janam liye yeh rin hai, rin se kyon ghabrata hai.
Rin sada hi durbhagya ka pratik hai.
Jabki ek niyamit yojana ki safalta ke liye, liya gaya rin; vyakti ke, mahanta, mahatwakancha, jagrukta, sudridhta, tikchanna vivek aadi aatma- viswashon ka, pratik hai. Attah, vyakti ke vikash ke liya liya gaya; prateyek rin, pratyek sangat sartoon tak; sada hi GARVYA ki baaten hain.
Jabki anawaskyak avam akarmanayata vash, liya gaya rin, KALANK hai.

Rin dene par, sambandhon me, virodhabhash ek prakritik lakshan hai. Isshe prayah sampatti to jaati hi hain; saath hi, sambandhit karya bhi gharshit hota hua; nirantar, ghatata jata hai. Attah niyamit karya kalap mein, rin ko ek vyavastha se joorkar, aspasta shartye par, swachchha sarini ke allave; rin ki shamanaya prakrity, aam logoon ke madhya, gati ko avruddha karna hai.

The above poetry is tried to get translated in English to let the global followers aware of his message:-

Debt is the best promoter.
It is only godfather!
Birth is in fact a debt!
Why hesitate, borrowing?
Debt is always a bad luck.
Instead; a debt borrowed for success at a plan, is a symbol of greatness, modesty, consciousness, strength, prosperity, promptness, intelligence and other traits of self-confidence in a human being.
So hence; each and every debt, borrowed for the purpose of development, is always standing a matter of pride.
Whereas; borrowed nonworking and unnecessary, is the symbol of black patch.

Conflict in relationship is a common found behaviour, while lending debt.
It usually impacts a loss in capital.
Simultaneously; the related work does also affect to friction, which results to a regular decrease.
So forth; in daily practice, debt should be attached with a system, on clear terms and fair records.
Otherwise; the normal nature of debt is to interrupt the growth.

Jina chahta hun!
Shaant chit jharna sum, paschataap asru ka bahna, sad-maargi ko achchha lagta hai!
Shaam ki pahli taara, ujaale ki pahli chaand, mujhe achhaa lagta hai.
Aangan me pahli khusian, mausam ki pahli barsha, pichhron ka pahla hashna, bichron ka pahla milna, Jodi sneh daampatya, sab, mujhe achchhaa lagta hai.
Mujhe achhaa lagta hai, jab samay sikh maanab ko de, aastik dharam bachaa paaye, jab samay ruke biron ke path, parlay ho dharam hatya par, bahut achhaa lagta hai. Rah dekhta rahta hun; in sabke hit men; kar sakun kuch inki seva! Achha lagta hai.
Pushp raj se bhanwar mukti, basant priye ke pad grahan, pashu raj ki chingharen mujhe achchha lagta hai. Pyase ko paani milna, dhairya tod ichhaa ki dhaara, mann ke baithe mail ka bahna, pagal men sneh daamptya parakhna, mujhe achhaa lagta hai.
Shant rain path nind lok ke, paurush ka gir-gir chadhna, tyag-tyag bas chhama daan, yahi hardik priye lagta hai. Ishki ki raksha ki aasha men, jita hun, jina chahta hun!

Kal aayega, phir se kahne, milkar gaayen; jhume hansh len.
Kise pata, kal kaun milega; kiske din ho, kiske sapne.
Puri baat, sunane apni; main na hunga, tab inn sab mein.
Kal ki, sayad yahi khabar hai; ham sab ko, khone ka daar hai.
Aasha ki, ghanghor ghata mein; paaoge, mujhko bas apne.
Paane ki, kishko mili khabar thi; paaya jo, ab tak banjar tha.
Upaj huyee, kiski kheti thi; panap- panap, ankur badhte hain.
Shor sharaba, kal dekhi thi; ab kab tak tum, shor karoge.
Bund oosh ki, nahin dubh hai; mujhko hi, galiyon, dhundhogey.
Miloon nahin par, Bizz mile toh; sach- sach pran lo, tum bo doo gey.


Life is once, nurture in funs!

Days will come to say again…
Join sing, smile n gain!
Desires re-join love and rain!
Down-dusk in life chain!
End a song, desires remains!

Perhaps it may, the news those days!
We are worried to miss this page!
Across the dark shadow of rays!
You will catch me, only image!

Who had heard of, gaining life?
Found one was barrel advice!
Met life and rich spice!
Have to have a found of nice!
Like a thirst of dewless grass!
Missing me, at every glance!
Un-searched even, but message found!
Commit obeyed that proper sound.


States of mind with lost of sence!
Lost of right, lost limits!
Impossible leaving a single moment!
Lifeless to live absent!
Without of peace; without that face!
Always desire in face to face!
One to one and eye to eye!
Mad for that, sad without!
Sickness of that, addict of that!
Non of bond, non to fight!
Girl are mad and man are mad!
Attract, attach, affect to that!
Don't advice, no choice!
Love is that thus life is that!

Anna Tyag
Subah maati sungha karta hun, dophar khud san jaata hun,
Sham, ishe chaba kar bhi; jab kabra bana dhak jaata hun.
Phir wahi subah dikhti hai jab, yah kabr swayan hi khul jaati hai.
Phir wahi sab aaj nayee kal banker, satya hai kaal ka naya dastak.
Ham maan hi jaayen mrityu hi hai satya.
To kya bhukha rah kar purna karun yah satya.
Nahin! Phir maut kahan aayee meri; jab kabra bhi naa rahte, dhara par band.
Aaj mai kis kaal ko divya kahun, aur kis kaal ko satya.
Nitya marg mere kaise, yahan agyan nirantar danshte jaate.
Vigyan bachenge kahan dhara, jab nitya gyan tap ke dyote.
Main samajh sakun yah mrityu lok, jahan anna tyag bin nahi maut!

Ek banata hai, dushre ka hi aadhar hai.
Dushra dwesh me, torta gaya.
Madmaata pahla, phir bana raha.
Dushre ki agyanta, aham se hai bhara.
Wo mit raha hai aap me, dayniye dasha.
Ek ko aah hua, khud diga para.
Chur hi wo dard mei, pran khara khara.
Aap mei hi aap ko, wo bator raha.
Badh gaya wah nichla, phorta ghara.
Manviye hrash kyon, dushre ki dwesh kya.
Kranti ki chaal dekh, kaundhta dhara.
Chup raha jo kaanp kaanp, bhautikta kahan!

Main hun, jabki mera apna bhi swabhimaan hai.
Mujhse jahan hai jo meri apni priya hai.
Sawarte huye swabhav bhut koi saath chura gaya.
Ham don omit gaye, par unko sawanrta hun.
Duniya banana ka, nasha paurush mera.
Saans hi hamara, gam ki jagah nasha hai.
Ek hi nahi, sanshar se bhi kab mai.
Birodh dhyan hota; to yun nahi phisalta.
Roti hui dhara kabhi, sonch bhi na aata.
Swayan bandh gaya aur; abhiman fansh gayee hai.
Abshar key aatey aatey, dhiraj na bandh rahi hai.
Ek badhkar aage, dastak lagata jaata.
Chute priye priyaa sang, wo kaal na rahaa.
Taap tibra hai washp sarv, mai kahaan bachaa.
Jahaan banaaneka; paurush khud gala khara.
Bhautiktaa ki hor choor, jahaan liye hain ham yahaan!

Ye duniya bana hai!
Ye duniya bana hai, dharti bani hai, muhabbat banega, nafrat banega.
Addaon kaa milna, najar se bicharna, palon mei jababon ka tanta rahega.
De hansh kar jo taali, vo murkar rulaa de, aankho se paani ka aana chura de.
Gamon mei koi de, badri such saara, raaton ka sona hi sona jahan kaa.
Ye duniya bana hai, dharti bani hai, muhabbat banega, nafrat banega.
Jamaane mei logon ka aana aur jaana, palon se yugoon tak ki sima ka hoga.
Gaya hansh-kar ro-kar, yaa aayaa nayaa bhi, khushi gam mei kya de, kahna hai mushkil.
Rukh hai garam par, ajuba bhara hai, najar se parakhna bhi, mumkin nahin hai.
Ye duniya bana hai, dharti bani hai, muhabbat banega, nafrat banega.

Kavi pankh se ur kar main, ravi paar kar jaaun.
Danabta ya kaurabta, bhautikta bhukh pachaa paaun.
Mai kabi banun, ya badh kar koi, dhani abhi, ban jaaun.
Bara khilari desh videsh ka; ya vigyan ka naam badhaaun.
Banoon naresh neta koi; ya unke pujya mahanth kahlaaun.
He bhagwan, sarboch bana yun, naam gagan ke paar chadhaun.
Ham pujya bishwa me aise jaise, taare anant nabh main hoon.
Mai hi tinoo lok banun, itna uncha pad paaun.
Mujhse aage koi jagat mei; kabhi nahi hone paaye.
Mai hi mandir me biraaj, devo mei puja jaaun.
Kya aisa bhi sambhav prabhu ki; mai devo mei uchh banun.
Tumhe jalan to nahin na hnge, jyon main Narayan banun.
Tum mere pujan kar sakte. Aise hi pad main paaun.
Dev dev kuch aisa sonchen, aap batayen kahan badhun.
Kahan kahan tak main vikash path, paata hi badhta jaaun.
Koi duruh, kaisi bhi bhul, maine jo tumse abhi kiye.
Mere mang, mere bardan, ye sab nij bahu bal chahun.
Bhagwan bahu bal mujhmen hai, kya vivek hamen tuch nahi bache.
Sochen? Kaise karm karun main, swarg sulabh jan banaa sakun.
Yah marg tumhe uncha batla, bahumukh, jagruk purush hun.
Aap batayen aage phir bhi, manvi bhukh vash kya kya paaun.

Punarwash ho punarwash ka.
Mera ho, mere bichar ka.
Apna aur apne vyabhar ka.
Ham sabka, ham sabke jeet ka.
Bare bhale saare bistaar ka.
Soshit aur soshak ke naam ka.
Sambhal gaye ho, ush saitan ka.
Nar ka ho, nar ke pisanch naa.
Na Rawan, par Ram rajya ka.
Bure nahin, bash nash binash ka.
Achhai ka aur ichha ka.
Pragati ka, subh aashish ka.
Sadya karmon ka, sadya margi ka.
Sundar sugam safal bann ne ka.
Sashwat aur nashwar sawaroop ka.
Har karni ka, punarwash ho.
Punarwash ho, punarwash ka.

Ab baat us rakt ki nahin.
Biti bisharkt us pal ki nahin.
Kahi gayee ve sabd ab nahin.
Na! nahin rahi ve aan ab bachi!
Nahin rahaa ab vah mardaan.
Jahan isko deta hai taan.
Shaan naa kahi gayee ishki.
Hanshe wahi, jise di pran!
Banaa hua hai, jagat mashaan.
Vaayu se lahu, deti nash taan.
Kamar kasha to, chadhi shaan.
Haan! Mur gaye, naa gayee maan!

Anshru ke kaise hain rang!
Hridya bedna ko aatur, glani prayashchit ko majboor.
De prabal birah prachand Chandra, karuna ko bishrit ang ang.
Anshru ke kaise hain rang
Pratidwand ke daure pal, paa gaye tripti baahu ke bal.
Smaran patal priye jan upar, bair bhul sneh hai rag rag.
Anshru ke kaise hain rang
Jo raha larakpan ka antim pal, siddh hua ho, jid mei ar kar.
Bodh kast mayee aapurti par, hriday glani le rahe tarang.
Anshru ke kaise hain rang
Rachna soshak utpaad kahe, mukt hast nindit sarwashwa.
Sangharsh dalit upkaar yahi de, hriday bedhya nastic dabang.
Anshru ke kaise hain rang

One leg has one shoe

One man has two legs!
Two legs have two shoes!
His one leg has only shoe!
Some men have many shoes!
Instead a leg in only shoe!
Some man have none a shoe!
Why? Gentlemen have many shoes!

Gentlemen baked many bread!
Once took some counted bread!
Threw remain in deep drain!
Bakes again that many bread!
They like just fresh bread!
Hungry men has not a bread!
Why healthy brains? Bakes for drain!

No man has many heads!
Rich men have many beds!
Some men have single bed!
Poor men have none of bed!
All rest at only bed!
One head at only bed!
Why? Rest at single bed!

By: Dr Rajeev Kumar
Chairman, Entrepreneurship Business School of eLearning and Training Class

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